Keeping things smooth with regular oil changes.

Car ownership comes with many hassles. From securing an insurance, to dealing with road problems and emergencies, to making sure it is properly maintained, and even to fighting your daily battle of landing a parking space! And to top the list, to making yourself familiar with the “technical” of having an automotive.

One of the necessary matters car owners should know is about their car’s regular oil change. Below is a list of things they shall take into account.

How Often Should You Change Your Car’s Oil?

Cars’ oil change companies usually recommend car owners to have their oils changed every three months or 3 000 miles. However, some automotive experts argue against this standard and provide their own recommendations.

1. Change according on your driving patterns.

Those who rarely drive more than 1 km at a time, or those who start their car frequently when the oil isn’t hot should change their oil more often- — at least twice a year. Driving your car infrequently fails to make your engine not hot enough to boil off condensation which can subsequently cause oil to break down faster. Hence, more frequent oil changes will help reduce the damage. ( automotive website)

2. Change more frequently than the 5000km rule.

The Scientific American suggested that if your car is fairly new and you usually drive 20 minutes or more and achieve fairly steady speed, you should change your oil more often. However, it also reiterated that if the one you own is a fairly old one, it would be better to stick with your car’s recommended maintenance schedule.

3. Change every 10 000 miles.

This recommendation ONLY works if your oil was upgraded into synthetic oil. If yours is, then experts say you can go as many as 10 000 miles or more between oil changes.

Why Should You Have Your Car’s Oil Changed?

Now, after going through the hassle of on-time oil change, why is changing your oil on a regular basis considered to be the most important vehicle maintenance there is?

The following are the reasons and the benefits of changing your car’s oil: 1. Regular oil changes results to better engine performance.

Exposure to heat breaks down your oil. Subsequently, your oil loses its ability of lubrication; that is, to minimize friction and allow smooth movement of your car. Moreover, is your oil fails to draw heat from the parts of the engine, the latter will run less efficiently as its performance is robbed with gas mileage and horse power.

  1. Regular oil changes makes your engine life longer.Oil keeps your vehicle alive. It protects your engine from wear and tear. However, oil also needs to be protected through routine oil changes to keep it clean.
  2. Regular oil changes gives your car better gas mileage.The enemy of your engine performance is friction. Your car gets friction because of dirty oil. Having your oil changed regularly makes your engine free from dirt; thus, reducing friction, and allowing your engine run more efficiently with the best possible gas mileage.Deciding when to change your oil shall be based on further and extensive

study of your car’s maintenance guide, research-based recommendations of experts, and your driving patterns. However, irrespective of your specific decision to change your car’s oil, doing it on-time and on a regular basis is a must.

Changing one’s oil regularly is an investment all car owners should take. It will guarantee you a longer and smoother time with your vehicle.

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